Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Services does OneStopTnT provide?

    Our goal is to make doing business and finding opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago easier, without the hassle associated with traffic and the difficulty in getting information quickly.

    Unlike traditional methods, our service employs the speed and universal accessibility that the internet allows to enable our customers to:

    • Find Employment or Employees.

    • Reach out to more Real Estate clients and find more opportunities

    • Advertise your business or service so that customers can quickly find you.

    • Buy or sell your vehicle.

    • Plus we have much more in the pipeline.


  2. Why should I set up a profile?

    • Setting up a profile is crucial to allowing potential clients to find you or your service.

    • In addition, you will be able to get daily automatic email updates of any opportunity that matches your profile as well as other advanced features that will not be available to non members.

    • This way you will have a clear advantage and will be first to benefit from new opportunities.


  3. How much personal information Should I include in my profile?

    • This is an important issue especially concerning personal safety. Please only include enough information for someone to contact you.

    • Of course, in the case of a business, then the more information you provide the easier it will be to reach you.


  4. How much will this service costs me?

    • There is absolutely no cost to use this service. Our operation is being funded entirely by advertising.


  5. Why is an email address required?

    • Your email address serves to primary functions. First to give you a login username that you are not likely to forget, and secondly to provide the primary method of communicating with you.


  6. Why are my Profile Image/Logo and Comments important?

    • Our system will automatically select a default image/logo for your profile based on your interest.

    • However, when other users come across your profile, its important that you stand out from the crowd and make a good first impression. A personalized, professional image will probably improve your chances of instilling confidence and  attracting more opportunities

    • In addition, your comments are an opportunity to demonstrate to others your ability experience and suitability for your selected interest.


  7. How do I remove my profile from search results?

    To remove you profile, you need to first login and select "My Profile" from the main menu. Then scroll down and click on the "Delete Profile" button.

    If you simply want to temporarily remove your profile from search results, read item #8.


  8. Can I temporarily remove my profile from search results?

    • Yes you can!

    • Just follow these steps:

      1. Login to your profile, scroll down and select "Edit Profile".

      2. On the page Step 2, Click on "Next Step"

      3. On the page Step 3, uncheck "Include My Profile in Search Results" click "Final Step" and then "Save and View Profile"

      4. Your profile page will now reflect your changes.


  9. How do I change information on my profile?

    • Login to your profile, scroll down and select "Edit Profile". Then follow the instructions and make changes you require.

    • Then on the Step 4 page, select "Save and View Profile"


  10. How do I change my profile image or logo?

  • Login to your profile, scroll down and select "Change Profile Image/Logo". Then follow the instructions and make changes you require.

  • Upload your new image from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

  • Keep in mind that large images will take longer to upload and process.

  • On the Step 4 page, select "Save and View Profile"


  1. How do I upload a PDF Document to my profile?

    • Login to your profile, scroll down and select "Choose File" and then "Upload PDF Document".

    • A PDF Logo will appear, showing that you have an active document on your profile.


  2. How can I advertise my business or service on OneStopTnT