Frequently Asked Questions

Why OneStopTnt?

OneStopTnT was born out of a desire to make doing business in Trinidad and Tobago faster and less problematic, and to use the power and interactivity of the internet to advantage.

No one wants to spend hours in mindless traffic every day or keep doing things the old slow way, when the information super-highway is moving faster than ever!

So our goal is to put people who want to do business within easy reach of each other and their clients.

  • Employment amd Employees.

  • Real Estate agents and their clients

  • Business Services and their customers.

And we are constantly looking for other avenues to make that connection easier.

The General Manager

Crispin Thomas is the founder of this service.

He has had over 30 years working in the Television Broadcast industry up to Managerial level

He has a wealth of experience in several disciplines including:

  • Project Management
  • Database Programming
  • Internet Marketing
  • Communication Engineering

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To Create and Maintain OneStopTnT, partnerships have been established with a number of IT Professionals from around the world, with expertise in Programming and Web Design.

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